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Blue Jeans and the Right Details

Hello loves,

Hope you had a GREAT weekend, full of nice moments :)

As you’ve probably realised, I made some updates on the website!! Visually and practically!! They good news is that now you can comment and tell me all your thoughts without having to subscribe :) :) :)

Anyway to the point!!! This post will be about what I believe are the essentials for a simple yet stylish outfit! As you must have realised I am obsessed with jeans (blue jeans, black jeans, baggy, skinny, ALL OF THEM). I think jeans are the type of pants you can create many different styles of outfits that can be worn from day till night!

To create the best casual outfit you will need some important details as well. Bracelets, a nice watch, a necklace, a hat a unique bag and many more. I chose to style up my casual outfit with a belt (studs and silver details),  and a leather jacket!!

Hope you liked it

let me know what you think below


Ellie :)


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  1. Maria Argyridou

    You are beautiful ❤️ I love the outfit 😘😘

  2. Marina

    I think the whole concept is very creative! Good work girl

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