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Collaboration with Jigsaw

Hey loves, hope you had an amazing week! For the last 2 weeks we have been working on a new project with Jigsaw. Jigsaw is a fashion clothing retailer with outlets in Britain, the United States and an independent licensee in Australia. It now has 56 stores across the UK

Last Tuesday during London fashion week we attended the Jigsaw fashion show, which was amazing. It took place in a super minimal venue, where they created an astounding atmosphere with some Neon lighting and loud indie style music. A few days later we visited their showroom, to choose which clothes we were going to shoot. We made up 4 beautiful outfits also using some of the brand’s accessories (shoes, bags and socks). You can visit one of their stores in 55 Duke’s street in central London, where you can also grab a quick coffee. The store also has a café!!! :)

This Sunday we finally got to the photo-shoot day and we were all veeery excited. Of course, (you never know what happens in London) the weather was not the best and the first hour we struggled a bit. We were suppose to be shooting outside, but at the end we did some indoors photos and then, when a bit of sun was finally out we also did some outdoors photos.

At the end, we were all very happy with the result!!

Styling: Ellie Argyridou, Alexandra Benezra, Nour Naboulsi, Selin Cuceloglu

Photographer: Morgan Lay (instagram @morganlay)

Model: Ksenia Selivanova

Hope you liked it too!! Let me know below







Little escape from the city!


Blue Jeans and the Right Details


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